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Gerber Prybrid X Multi-Tool

Gerber Prybrid X Multi-Tool

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Gerber’s replaceable blade multi-tools are about the coolest thing going.

This tiny little unit is proof that big things can fit in small packages. It’s a -

  1. Bottle opener

  2. Pry bar

  3. Flat head screwdriver

  4. Lanyard loop

  5. Wire stripper

  6. Small screwdriver

  7. Replaceable, retractable fine edge #11 blade with slide lock and tool-less blade replacement

  8. Nail puller.

Yeah, bigger tools are gonna have a purpose, but man can this get things done. Worth the minimal investment for sure.

Please note - these are made in 2 colors, you may get the alternate Gray /Blue depending on what Gerber had in stock when I ordered them.

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