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Jacobsen Salt Co - Natural Cooking Salts

Jacobsen Salt Co - Natural Cooking Salts

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Jacobsen Salt Company is an Oregon based small business - striving to make elevate your cooking through simplistic stepping up of seasoning. I always try before I buy things to bring in to the shop. I threw in an order for the Habanero Salt. PUT IT ON CORN ON THE COB. Seriously, its fantastic.

WIth a simple 2 ingredient list of Habanero and Sea Salt - color me impressed. Simply letting people know that it’s going to cake over using an anti-caking agent wins me over.

Habanero Salt- Smoky Salty Heat. This is now my replacement for anything I put salt on.

Garlic Salt - Fantastic on fried taters, I’m gonna try it on garlic bread at some point because i think it’ll be killer.

Red Alaea Salt - This stuff is sourced from Hawaii and has a natural red color from the water used to create it. It’s awesome on meat in general, but really shines on seafood.

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