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Righteous Felon - Voodoo Chile Jerky

Righteous Felon - Voodoo Chile Jerky

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Righteous Felon presents - Voodoo Chile

The jerky is melt in your mouth - the heat is also melt your mouth. The next logical step after Habanero Escobar - The geniuses at Righteous Felon teamed up with Voodoo Chile Hot Sauce to create this tasty little demon in a bag. Dont get me wrong. It’s got Flavor. It’s not hot for the sake of being hot. It’s got a good garlicy brown sugar base.


If you’re not a fan of the burn - this aint the jerky you’re looking for. Excercise all the same caution you’d use when eating really hot things, cause this is one of those things.

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