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Soberdough - Hatch Green Chile Bread Mix

Soberdough - Hatch Green Chile Bread Mix

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Soberdough figured out how to take something fantastic - (Carbs) and create the perfect storm of moist, dense, flavor in a wonderful 1 lb package.

The Green Chile Bread Mix is the one that I had to try first before I would carry it. You literally dump the bag in a bowl, add a cup of cheese, and a 12 oz beer. Mix, dump in a baking pan, and go. I let the beer get to room temp figuring it’d be easier to mix.

I personally used Dale’s Pale Ale from Oskar Blues and a cup of mild cheddar in my endeavour. The result was a pairing with chili, that almost didnt happen as we had eaten half the bread before the chili was remembered. It’s freaking good. They’ve got a good thing going.

Bonus - if you’re not sure what beer to use, they give you ideas.

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