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Imaginary Authors

A Whiff of Wafflecone - Large Size

A Whiff of Wafflecone - Large Size

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NOTES: Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Saigon Cinnamon, Heavy Cream, Sandalwood, Orgeat, Scoop Shop When we first launched A Whiff of Waffle Cone back in 2020, we had no idea how much it would resonate with so many of you.

It’s a fragrance that we, ourselves, have grown fonder of over the last three years, but part of that process has also been wishing it was a little more elegant, a little less cloying. We’re perfectionists, constantly tinkering with our craft, and obsessed with ensuring the products that carry the Imaginary Authors name are the absolute best they can be. And with that, we’d like to introduce you to the second edition of A Whiff of Waffle Cone.

We’re certain that those who loved the original will only find more to love with this delicious and undeniably more wearable offering. Every time someone professes their undying love for A Whiff of Waffle Cone it warms our hearts, and we’re excited to convert even more of you into devotees of this wildly addictive fragrance.

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