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Allied Barber

Candles - Wake Brewing X Allied Barber

Candles - Wake Brewing X Allied Barber

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I teamed up with the Brothers Parris at Wake Brewing to create 2 candles (and some rare ones you’ll have to follow us on social media to even have a chance at getting)

Keeping with the theme of making them smell like what the beer tastes like - These two behemoths will stay in regular rotation. We took something completely un-metal, asked ourselves what Lemmy would do and made quite possibly the most Metal scented candles on earth. These are thoroughly meant to be burned while enjoying the beer, bringing up the scent of the flavor palette and enhancing the cryptic flavors Wake is known for.

Hand of Doom - Dark Chocolate, Graham Cracker, and Tomato. Yeah. Tomato. What you get out of it is a super Chocolate Maltiness with just a bit of the vine of the tomato on the tail end. The end result is the perfect pair to Hand of Doom by Wake.

Invisible Oranges - Orange, Orange, Vanilla, Lemongrass, more Orange. The thing about Invisible Oranges, is that you get the orange on the tail end of the beer. I wanted to do something Orange heavy to build that anticipation. It takes the late creep of the taste of oranges across the middle of your tongue, and turns it into a sucker punch.

Stay tuned on instagram for “seasonals” You never know when they’re coming, and just like the beer, they’re small batch and go fast. When they’re gone - they’re gone.

Seasonals -

Closet Witch - Ginger, Saffron, and Hibiscus are the main deals in this, just like the beer. It’s tart but by no means a sour. Very pleasant citrus type scent.

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