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Cannabis Body Wash - Eau De Blunt

Cannabis Body Wash - Eau De Blunt

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If we’re going to build a body wash line around temptations, we had to add Cannabis. Every one in the industry knows that if you’re doing something fancy, it has to have French words in it. I present - Eau De Blunt.

With hints of Roasted Tobacco, Smoke, and another very familiar GREEN scent - If marijuana smelled like this, it would have been legalized a long time ago. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, with this fragrance, then we just pouf - pouf - passed.

Please note that this product -

1. Smells like marijuana. You have been warned.

2. It contains hemp seed oil for its moisturizing benefits, but no cbd, no thc, and any presence of cannabinoids would be purely trace, accidental, and inconsequential. Soap is a wash off product, we are very aware of the benefits of CBD, but soap is about the least effective way you could possibly use it. We currently have no intention of dealing with the legal processes to include what is in effect - a marketing tactic - to our products. Iowa allows it, and then says it’s illegal because of federal law. If you need it for your skin, there are many high quality lotions out there that would better serve you. Anyone selling you soap with CBD in it, is selling you snake oil at best.

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