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Chatillon Lux - Weinstrasse

Chatillon Lux - Weinstrasse

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This fragrance aims to reimagine the fougère with a white grape top note and a lush, dense supporting cast of flora and fauna that could be found on the winding trails, perfect for a beautiful day with no particular destination in mind.

We say it smells amazing. The Helichrysum and woody bases gives you a damp almost “chewing tobacco” note, and the grapes linger in the foreground dancing around, leaving you feel like you might have just been out working the vines, and are ready to come in and enjoy the “fruits” of your labor. We feel Like Shawn at Chatillon Lux has done his ancestors proud with this creation.

There’s a reason this cologne sold out several times, and caught a couple of big awards at the end of the year last year. You won’t be disappointed.

Notes: white grape, honeysuckle, iris, blackcurrant bud, helichrysum, sandalwood, coumarin, oakmoss and musk.

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