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Merkur 42C "1904" 3 Piece Safety Razor

Merkur 42C "1904" 3 Piece Safety Razor

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The Merkur 42C was inspired by the classic Gillette 1904

Etched with elegant lines and sophisticated designs, this Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor is embedded with hundreds of years of metalwork expertise. Beards, stubble, and mustaches have met their match with this lethal straight cut fixed blade combination for a dynamic cut.  

  • Three pieces 

  • Straight cut 

  • Fixed blade

  • Closed comb 

Gentlemen searching for the perfect shave need not look further. The 42C is a very light razor, and we don’t recommend it as a starter, it offers a lighter shave, but will slow overall technique building time.

Made in Solingen, Germany.

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