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Naked And Famous

Naked & Famous - Greencast Slub Selvedge - Weird Guy

Naked & Famous - Greencast Slub Selvedge - Weird Guy

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The Greencast Slub Selvedge is a midweight 15oz Japanese Selvedge Denim with a stunning color and texture. It’s signature greenish-blue hue is achieved through “top dying”, the yarns are first rope dyed with indigo and then dyed once again and finished with a green dye on top.

The yarns themselves are slub yarns, which are uneven in size and add texture and nuance to the fabric. Since the yarns are uneven and absorb different amounts of indigo, you'll see different hues throughout the fabric, adding to its character.

The denim also features indigo and white neps, which are small knots present in the yarn that show up as spots in the fabric.

These details, which may have been considered imperfections in vintage jeans, are now seen as throwback details that are particularly apparent when you flip the cuff and look at the inside of the fabric.

Other details include a hidden selvedge coin pocket, button fly, antique copper hardware, contrast stitching, and a faded redline selvedge ID.

The jeans are cut and sewn in Canada and have a rigid feel, but will only require a short amount of break-in time. The Weird Guy is a standard tapered fit with a medium rise, a comfortable top block, and a taper from knee to hem.

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