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Wild Cherry Spoon co.

Oven Rack Push / Pull / Scraper Stick

Oven Rack Push / Pull / Scraper Stick

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Our oven pusher / puller stick is designed to easily grab a wide variety of kitchen, grill/bbq, and oven racks to avoid burnt hands or spilled dishes as well as push them in.

Additionally, the reverse side of our stick is beveled on two sides so as to scrape oven racks and keep them clean. How it's made: We start each piece with pre-fallen urban lumber from yards and parks.

Our artisan then carves it down and drills out some holes for the grabber. From there we sand it to a high finish and finally seal it with our SpoonButta olive oil + beeswax finish.

How to Care for: Handwash only, may use soap and warm water. Re-apply SpoonButta or high-grade cooking oil every 1-3 months.

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